Columbian Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Located in Boston, MA - Instituted in 1795 by Paul Revere.

Henry Clay Barnabee Actor and Operatic Comedian

Henry Clay Barnabee (November 14, 1833 - December 16, 1917) - was one of the great comedians of the 19th century. A lifelong lover of music and drama, he gained significant fame particularly in operatic comedy, most notably in the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham in the stage production of "Robin Hood". He was made a Master Mason in Columbian Lodge in March 2nd, 1865. He was also a member of St. Andrew's Chapter, Demolay Commandry, and Massachusetts Consistory. In 1913 he authored his autobiography, "Reminiscences of Henry Clay Barnabee - Being an Attempt to Account for His Life, with Some Excuses for His Professional Career". An autographed copy of this volume resides in the Columbian Lodge Offices.