Columbian Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Located in Boston, MA - Instituted in 1795 by Paul Revere.

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Columbian Installation 2015

Cornerstone Rededication

Lobster and Strawberry Festival

2815th Communication

2811th Communication

2810th Communication

October 3~5th, 2014 Columbian Alexandria, VA Trip~GW Masonic Nat. Mon.

December 7, 2013 Public Installation: Wor. Daniel R. Madore

2013 Official visit, Sir Jeremy Bell

August 10, 2013 Mt Auburn Consecration

Habitat for Humanity Lowell 7_2013

Columbian Lodge RW Cheteyan Night, MW Stewart Fraternal

Columbian Brother Blum Lewis Jewel, RW Alban presenter

Communication 2790

Mt. Auburn Cemetery~Columbian Grave

2012 Columbian BB Tourney

Communication 2788

First Masonic District 2012

Communication 2787

2011 to 2013 Officers Installation, Wor. Brother Doucette

Habitat for Humanity Build 2011

Marliave Restaurant, Official Visit 2011 RW Alban

Lobster and Strawberry Festival 2011

May 21, 2011 The Home Basketball Tourney

Columbian Archives

Special Communication

2,776th Communication

2,775th Communication

2,773rd Communication

2,772nd Communication

2,768th Communication

Hike for Humanity

The Home Basket Ball Tourney May 2010

2,766th Communication (Ladies Night)

2,765th Communication

2,764th Communication

2,763rd Communication

Collett Mackintosh Dinner

2,760th Communication

Summer Golf Outing 2009

2,759th Communication

Basketball Tournament

Basketball Tournament

Habitat for Humanity

April Special Communication

2,757th Communication

2,756th Communication

February Special Communication

2,755th Communication

2,754th Communication

Blood Drive

2,753rd Communication (Ladies' Night)

2,752nd Communication

2,751st Communication

2,746th Communication

Open Houses

2,735th Communication

2,732nd Communication

2,728th Communication

2,726th Communication

2,724th Communication

2,723rd Communication

2,720th Communication

2,718th Communication

2,714th Communication

2,712nd Communication

2,698th Communication (Ladies' Night)

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