Columbian Lodge A.F. & A.M.

Located in Boston, MA - Instituted in 1795 by Paul Revere.

The Columbian Lodge Officers' Line

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When the Worshipful Master asks a man to accept an appointment as Electrician of Columbian Lodge, that individual has an opportunity to be appointed by succeeding Masters to other positions in the line, and ultimately, if elected by the lodge to become the Master of Columbian Lodge.

All officers in the Lodge, elected and appointed, become a member of a team, accepting the responsibility of their respective office.

A good officer does each job to the very best of his ability so that the best interest of Columbian Lodge and Masonry may be served.  He asks questions, makes suggestions; gives and takes criticism graciously; he prepares, always for the East.

While the Master is responsible for the ritual, the floor work and general atmosphere of our Lodge, each officer as a potential future Master should be awake to every opportunity to contribute, by example and suggestion, to the success of Columbian.

Upon the Marshal, Deacons and Stewards fall all the floor work.  By their dignity and skill they can add immeasurably to the beauty and impressiveness of their work.  Since they come into the most direct, personal contact with the candidate, they can by their general conduct and bearing, make the first and most positive impression on our newest members.

The Master and Wardens are looked upon to provide dignity and cohesiveness in the operation of the Lodge.  Their conduct and commitment to exceptional standards of ritual and floor work will repay the confidence and trust that has been placed in them.

Our goal is the growth in character of our individual members and the support charities within our communities.  To have the officers working toward these common goals and feelings empowered for their own part in achieving the result, will require our collective effort.  Team work counts.